for string trio

commissioned by the Trio de Kooning

In Morse code, the letter T is represented by a single dash; the letter E is represented by a single dot. TE, for string trio, considers the very simple combination of a dash followed by a dot in several formal and material ways, playing on understandings and methods of communication: coded language; gestalt principles of visual and/or aural communication; the peculiar, abstract, yet direct emotional connection of music and melody. When attempting to communicate with someone else, one occasionally has to explain, rephrase, or recontextualize a statement or opinion before one’s message is finally understood. TE circles around this process of disconnection, and attempts to communicate something – through paraphrases, rephrases, and non-sequiturs – to an abstract, universal “you.”

TE was commissioned by the Trio de Kooning and is dedicated to Clara, Hannah and Jo of TdK.

Premiere on January 14, 2014, Macdonald Recital Hall, USC.