Cardboard, children’s flashlight, battery-powered speakers, continuous fixed media


Installation view: Orangerie, Darmstadt, Germany. August 2014.

The cardboard walls hide 12 speakers all around that each play a fixed media track on loop (6 loops in total, irregular and unsynchronized lengths).  The cardboard structure is modeled on the structure of the Gubbio Studiolo, now installed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY and is approximately 4 feet tall x 6 feet wide x 4 feet deep.

Outside of the box, you would hear a mess of glass, wood, string, and found percussion samples. If you were to spend time inside the box, seated on the cardboard stool or the floor, alone or with a (new) friend (or several),  you might notice many more slightly different sounds coming from what feels like far away, or whispered right in your ear – like wooden church bells marking time behind you to the left, or glass birds complaining underfoot, or a passing train right in front of you on a windy morning.

Audio excerpt (stereo mix of all loops):